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When the main goal is to earn more money for our members, we had to develop a system with features that nobody else has.

Earn more money with our highly optimized solutions and exclusive offers.

25 € per lead

We can offer you 25 EUR per lead. Doesn't matter from what country you have visitors.

100% traffic accepted

Many of our competitors don't support all countries or all devices, but we are different! With us, you get paid for everyone!

Optimized conversions

With almost million worldwide impressions per day, our system does robustly optimization and displays the most profitable ads at the time on your site.

Ad-block prevention

There are studies that more than 20% people are using some ad-blockers. We dealt with ad-blockers, so you could earn 20% more money with us just because this traffic won't be blocked anymore.

Referral system

Earn even more with our referral system. For every referral you get 5% lifetime from all of his campaign commissions - available for all members.

Rocket start

You can monetize your traffic in less than five minutes with the best ads on market. Just sign up, create a campaign and put your unique links on your websites.

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We have plenty options for you, because everyone is interested when and how he gets the money.

Get paid every single month by convenient payment method.
Choose whatever method you want - but remember that the best options are SEPA, ePayments, Bitcoin, Litecoin or Monero.

Payment method Minimal amount Time to deliver Fees
Internal External Internal External
SEPA 300 EUR NET-15 days Up to 2 business days None Depends on your bank
Bank/Wire 300 EUR NET-15 days Up to 5 business days 10 EUR + 0.00% Depends on your bank
Bitcoin 150 EUR NET-15 days 10 minutes None None
Litecoin 150 EUR NET-15 days 2.5 minutes None None
Monero 150 EUR NET-15 days 2 minutes None None
Skrill 300 EUR NET-15 days Instant 0 EUR + 2.00% None or up to 4%
PayPal 300 EUR NET-15 days Instant* 5 EUR + 0.00% From 3% to 8%
Payoneer 300 EUR NET-15 days Up to 2 business days 5 EUR + 0.00% Depends on Payoneer terms
WebMoney 300 EUR NET-15 days Instant 10 EUR + 3.00% 1%
Debit/Credit card 300 EUR NET-15 days Up to 5 business days 5 EUR + 3.00% 3% + 3EUR

For alternative payment methods like Western Union, Moneypolo, Moneygram or other cryptocurrencies (Dash, Zcash) contact our support or your manager. We are open to discussing these if you need it.

* Please check FAQ section for information about payments in general.

Frequently Asked Questions

You asked. We answered. If you want ask us something different please use our contact form or if you are our member then contact your account manager.

With a few rare exceptions, we accept all sites regardless of traffic volume. However, we do not accept websites containing adult content - for more information check our Terms of Use.
First step is sign up. After that we assign to you a manager and you can create some campaigns. When you have campaign ready just grab the links and use them on website. Don't forget to follow instructions in your admin for better results. If you have any question or problem let know your manager about it - he is here to help you with everything you want.
Our goal at Valemedia is simple: display only the most relevant high paying advertisements for maximum revenue each time your page is viewed. We work with CPA model - 25 EUR for action. We are offering the largest commissions in this business.
With our automatic campaign/niche/country/adblock optimization system can everybody earn maximum revenue. For example we have publishers which earn with just 5.000 visits per day 400 EUR per day, but also we have publishers which earn with same traffic 25 EUR per day. How you can see the revenue of our publishers is based on many factors.
Our solutions are indeed fully compatible with other ad networks, but is strongly recommended use just our system for maximize your revenues. Often it is common that new members A/B testing our ads with their old advertising provider.
Valemedia offer several convenient ways for publishers to receive payments: SEPA, Bank/Wire, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Skrill, PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney and Debit/Credit card. If it is not enough for you we can make a personal deal. Payments are processed automatically and based on NET-15 terms.
Minimum amount is 150 EUR, but it can vary depending on selected payment method. We create the payment after you reach minimal amount declared in payments section for specific payment method.
Generally one time per month. There may be some exceptions for new members or valuable members. Payments are created after the end of month and sent to you it as soon as possible. You should receive the payment at the beginning of the new month (NET-15 or NET-5).

Yes, we are sending to you exactly the same amount as you see in your dashboard. But what you actually received depends on your selected payment method.

We can charge a small fee to cover our expenses related to sending the money. If you got less money than you see in dashboard it is because external companies involved in transfer (PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney, etc.) may charge some fees. If you want to receive exact amount methods where we have no internal fees and also external fees are minimal.

Rarely we will send you even more money than you see in dashboard as compensation for downtime or for some unexpected issues.

Yes, we can tell you how much it will probably cost you and also you can see this estimates in Payment section in dashboard. This information we have from official websites.

PayPal fees are high, we are sending you the money for Goods and services not as a gift. Standard fees are 1.9 - 3.4%, but you should know that sometimes is added Currency conversion fee 2.5% or Cross-border fee. It all depends on where you live and what is your default PayPal balance currency.

Skrill charges 1.45% (with maximum 20 EUR), but also as in PayPal sometimes is added currency conversion fee.

Bitcoin are very fast and cheap payment method. It costs almost nothing to send you your commissions in Bitcoins (transaction fees are between 0-3 EUR). When your commissions grows it is really important whether someone charges you in percentages or you pay only fixed fee.

Yes, of course - you just have to remove our ads from your website.

Let's get make some money.
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What other people says about us?

I am happy to find an update on the system. Now so easy to make a new campaign, also many offers are available, as well as the tracking system, greatly simplifies reading the offer and which technique has the best potential.

Feedback by rob***n, November 30, 2017
Member is registered since June 19, 2017.

You are doing very good. Just go ahead.

Feedback by ano***s, October 26, 2017
Member is registered since July 27, 2017.

I am one of the publishers in Valemedia. Been working together in the past few months, and I feel satisfied that Valemedia pays on time. Valemedia has the advantage of other networks that Valemedia provides the largest commissions than any other network. I hope it will continue to be maintained because we publisher will be more excited in working. Valemedia is the best.

Feedback by she***a, January 7, 2018
Member is registered since August 30, 2017.

Hi, I just found some updates in the system. It looks pretty cool and I think you accommodate my feedback. I really appreciate it and I am very satisfied with this change. Thank you very much.

Feedback by riz***i, November 30, 2017
Member is registered since June 19, 2017.

Working with Valemedia is one of my big achievement last year. I was referred to Valemedia by a friend, said that he already made 2K euros by the first couple of weeks. So I gave a shot, and that ain't a bullsh*t: I also made my 2K within ten days! With € 25 per lead, from anywhere visitors, I think Valemedia will works for anyone. That means you, too.

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